SpecTech is committed to quality and continual improvement. Working as a team ensures that our company’s goals for quality, efficiency, safety and customer satisfaction are met. SpecTech is committed to the safety of the company’s operations including the health and safety of its employees and customers.
Customer Satisfaction is our main priority. SpecTech wants to be our customers’ preferred supplier. In doing so, we strive to provide our customers the products they need when they need it with the highest quality. This Quality Policy has been formulated, implemented, communicated and is committed to the following:

• Consistently meeting our customer requirements/expectations,
• Always providing our customers with the best products and services available,
• Continually improving our Business Management System and services to our customers, and
• Adhering to all Customer, Statutory, Regulatory and Interested Parties requirements.

In an effort to make our policy memorable to all employees and customers, we have decided to adopt a Quality Slogan that we feel captures our policy. That slogan is:

Achieving Customer Satisfaction
Through Quality Products and Services

Based on our Quality Policy, our Quality Objectives have been established in order to strive towards our goals of continuous improvement, quality, efficiency, safety and customer satisfaction. They are defined in OM-100 (Appendix E, Target Attainment Plan (TAP).


SpecTech USA is a highly motivated team of employees displaying the traits of good character and integrity, providing excellence in aerospace hardware to our U.S. Government, Commercial Airline Assemblies, Their Sub Tiers and to National Aerospace Companies and Departments of Defense.
SpecTech USA strives to exude and promote these moral principles with employees and customers:

• Teamwork
• Integrity
• Character
• Service
• Passion
• Community
• Courage